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Love! The old feeling!

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When Love Was Love!

Love,, what is love? Love is the abstract feeling of immense attraction to a person or thing hence rendering mild psychosis with a tinge of unwarranted insecurities. Well, that’s just me saying.. Just check to see if you share my thoughts.

My Experiences to Me.

How well do you know me? This will tell you if you have the right idea about me 😜


Hey.. if you can’t take in explicit content, kindly refrain from this post.. I warned you😜

Appropriated Misappropriation

In this tale of classic, complex discombobulation, it is a case of acute plausible deniability by the brain in matters of choice and preference. Let’s delve further into the intricacies of the human being.

Dying Rose

Sometimes in life you feel discouraged. It seems as if nothing is working out for you. You don’t actually know where to start from. Boredom reigns and your life is intricately intertwined. You feel played by your own self. You feel helpless yet there’s no one to run to. Your mind and heart unanimously think…