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Dustine’s Philosophy #2

Am not a darn good philosopher but my works tells volumes about me. Am not a good person but am a human being bound to infinite err. Am not a poet but my piece retaliates boundlessly to the beliefs of our minds. Am not good and sweet but am reasonable. But one thing I know, I am ruthless!!

Who is a man?

Who is a man? Yup. Tell me. Huxley asked me that question once and that really catalyzed a spam of subsequent cataclysmic reactions that trust me, were so embarrassing on my part.

Dustine’s Philosophy

On doubt. There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth. On emotion. From now on, you’re a rock. You see nothing. You absorb nothing. Nothing breaks you. The only thing more satisfying than convincing someone to do what I want, is failing to persuade them on…

Happy Birthday Qiuteen

A letter to my gorgeous sister who’s now 1 year older. Most of us run about looking for outsiders in a bid to shower them with our relentless love. One bitter fact is that those people won’t stay as long as the people we often overlook and hurt with our thoughtless actions. Yes I’ve been screwed over, well, I can comfortably say that we’ve all been there and done that, but we should realize that family always sticks around. Always, until the time when death does it’s thing. I love you cute Qiuteen.😘


Deep in the middle of a national crisis, tough brave men of pure integrity decide to stand up for their principles even in the face of complete “silence”

After Death, comes Life.

To live you must die. Though we all die through different means and in different ways so by the time you embody life, something MUST die


  Am qualified for PHP involved work. Bring it on. Atlast after incessant constant hours of sacrifice and study Here I am… Bring your work on guys… I’ve got professional proficiency right now..😜


Through, good and bad, through thick and thin, through sorrow and joy, through tears and laughter, through riches and poverty, through plenty and scarce, through variables and functions. We vowed to forever remain a constant. Something so beautiful, so sweet, so crazy, so wild, so exciting and yet uncompromisingly strong and attractive to those around us. We were the it thing. The jackpot that numerous campus jocks suffered on end trying to get, all though in the wrong places, be it Sportpesa, Betin, name it. With minimal effort communication was just a look away. Our eyes could communicate numerous thoughts, feelings and plans that all else would fail to understand save for the two of us. This us that many envied. Others

Boundless Love

Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes…. power👑

Mi Amour

Mi Reina, that’s what you were to me Queen of my heart I crowned thee Coronated and adorned just for me All undertakings done just for thee Showered with all mustered affection Treasured with all due conviction Cherished beyond all delusion Loved as self beyond any comparison Well, even though thou want not me no…